The Need

God is moving in Kijabe, Kenya and we are exited to be a part of His work.

Maureen serves as the Palliative Care Data and Research Officer at Kijabe Hospital. Her department cares for those with terminal illnesses. They help with medical needs as well as cultural stigmatization connected to HIV/AIDS.

Tim teaches at Moffat Bible College, helping to train the next generation of ministers and missionaries in Kenya. In addition to teaching, Tim spends time each week mentoring individual students, attending student-led bible studies, and encouraging students regarding their practical ministries. Moffat has great students who work really hard to keep up with school work and participate in active ministry. Almost weekly a student in Tim’s practical ministry group will mention leading someone to Christ.

Kenya has a population of just over 28 million and is roughly the size of France. There are over 58 languages spoken, although English and Swahili are the official languages. While Christianity has a strong presence in Kenya, there are roughly 24 “unreached” people groups, most following Islam or some traditional religion. Evangelical Christians comprise roughly 10% of the population.

Medical mission work provides an open door to minister the love and compassion of  Jesus Christ while caring for the suffering. There is one physician for every 5,999 people.  The average life expectancy is just over 50. 46% of the total population is under the age of 15, so training the next generation is crucial. Malnutrition and HIV/AIDS greatly impact the region. Through medicine and discipleship, we can help make a difference through Christ.

God wants the people of Kenya for himself—for salvation and for service!