East Pokot Outreach – Antioch Mission Fellowship

Term 1 at Moffat is over and we are into the December break. Just after the termed ended, Antioch Mission Fellowship went on a week-long outreach to East Pokot. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I am the patron of this group and it is one of my joys to see students actively participate in ministry. This outreach was like others in that we always look for a least-reached or difficult area and partner with a pastor or church in that region. Follow-up after we leave is very important. We worked with Rev. Satia and the bishop at AIC Chemolingot.

We typically have outdoor events in the community where we have music and some preaching to make our presence known. There are also movie nights which the kids love. This all leads up to a revival meeting where the gospel is shared, although we share the gospel the entire week when opportunities arise. Throughout the week we also go door to door.

In all, 232 people professed faith in Christ. Praise God!

Pictures speak much louder than words, so enjoy some photos of Pokot . . .

The trip there was typical . . . meaning that we had mechanical issues! This time the radiator blew . . .


The team arrived at AIC Chemolingot without any other issues but . . . . could not make it further interior to our ministry site due to a swollen river.

Kenya has been dealing with too much rain which has caused a great deal of flooding while other areas of Africa are suffering from drought. The West Pokot region has also suffered from several mud slides with significant loss of life. I am thankful that the team from Moffat remained safe during the entire trip.

The following day, the river had subsided . . .

From here on out, ministry continued with singing, preaching, door-to-door, movie nights, etc. . .




There are always interesting sites along the way . . . like this termite mound.

And there are always interesting places to get water . . .

When all was said and done, lives were changed and God’s Kingdom continues to expand!

This includes a new church building . . .

In Christ,

Tim for Maureen, Luke, & Kate


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