Antioch Mission Fellowship Recent Outreaches

One of the joys I have serving at Moffat Bible College are my students. In particular, I am the faculty patron of a student group called Antioch Mission Fellowship. We meet weekly for fellowship, bible study, and prayer. But, our main agenda is to reach the lost. So, several times each year we head out for week-long outreaches just as the school term ends. I help facilitate some things but these are mainly student-run outreaches. It is humbling to see my students in active ministry.

We have gone down to the Kilimangodo area a few times in the past years and took another trip there at the end of November, 2018. This trip we worked again with the pastor of AIC Kilimangodo but we focused on a new area in the hopes of bolstering a new church plant – AIC Muungano. During this outreach, 109 people gave their lives to Christ.

Each day we set out to walk door to door . . . with a few guides.

We met people along the way at their homes . . .

or out in the field working.

We took every opportunity to share Christ . . .







In the evenings we also showed a biblical movie interspersed with a brief evangelical message. We capped off the week with a revival meeting.

At the end of March, we took a trip to western Kenya to work in a new area. We partnered with a Moffat alumnus at AIC Bondo to reach into an area called Ngunya. This region has a curious history of infestation of the Tsetse fly. I never got a clear timeline but at some point the fly caused so much death that the area was abandoned. The Kenyan government eventually sprayed the region with a poison to reduce the Tsetse fly population and then encouraged settlers to move in. People from various tribes answered the call and brought with them their religion. Most established a home church and chose to remain isolated from their neighbors.

The pastor of AIC Bondo had located one of these home churches and was working to establish it as a community church called AIC Ngunya. There were some Christians in the region but we came across numerous cults and pseudo-Christian denominations. At the end of the week, 135 people came to Christ. We handed over follow-up to the newly arrived pastor of AIC Ngunya.


No outreach is complete without a roadside mechanic repair!


Here we also went door to door each day.


We talked, shared Christ, and prayed . . .




We also visited the Nyamonye Mustard Primary School one afternoon. We showed a movie and shared the gospel.


This is Isaac, pastor of AIC Bondo. He’s the Moffat graduate I mentioned above.


How many kids can you pack in one classroom? Sorry, I didn’t count them . . .


We also visited Lake Victoria and a few students decided to pay a small fee to take a quick ride in a boat.


As you can see, Lake Victoria is large . . . and we were nearly in Uganda.


So, the Tsetse fly is not totally wiped out in the area! 😊


Oh yeah, I bought some fish on the way home as we passed Lake Naivasha. They hang the fish on the windshield wiper . . . of course!

In Christ,

Tim for Maureen, Luke & Kate


2 thoughts on “Antioch Mission Fellowship Recent Outreaches

  1. Tim, thank you so much for sharing! Your letter was really encouraging to me. I would love to come visit you all there. Maybe some day it will be possible.
    I love you guys.

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