Missions Day – M*sl*m Evangelism

We’re fast approaching graduation here at Moffat Bible College. It’s hard to believe term three is nearly complete. We pray that you are all well and thank you for your continued support. We are doing well. There was a round of sickness that ran through our home several weeks back which took Luke to the hospital for two nights but he is back to his normal self. I (Tim) also had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in my left knee just over a week ago but am recovering.

Each day we are reminded in numerous ways how blessed we are to serve our Lord and Savior here in Kijabe, Kenya.

As many of you know, we have a day every term at Moffat set aside for Missions. We invite a speaker to share about their ministry and to encourage our students as they seek opportunities to serve now and look toward the future.image009

image010This term we were truly blessed to have Mr. Jared Oginga share his ministry among M*sl*ms. He is a Kenyan who serves as a missionary within SIM. He can best be described as an apologist-evangelist. His ministry brings him into direct contact and often debate with M*sl*ms here in Kenya and the surrounding countries. There are numerous misconceptions which M*sl*ms have regarding Christianity that must be explained in the process of sharing the Gospel. He is sometimes faced with ridicule for his beliefs as they are contrary to M*sl*m teachings.

Jared shared with us very practical information regarding I*l*m as both a challenge and an opportunity. He spoke about the similarities between the two religions (monotheistic, missional, etc.) and also noted that I*l*m is Christianity’s greatest and oldest competitor. He broke down the theological, cultural, and social barriers so that our students could clearly see that the field is ripe for harvest. In response to fear, ignorance, and deceit . . . Christians should offer love, prayer, and understanding. In the end, we are assured of victory.

He told us that M*sl*ms are taught that Christians are people of mercy and compassion. If we are to reach these people with the truth of the Gospel, then we must show them mercy and compassion. If we respond in an unkind manner then an opportunity is lost. He encouraged us that we must earn the right to share the Gospel.

We were truly blessed to have the opportunity to learn from someone engaged in this type of ministry. I have received great feedback from students very interested in understanding how to engage this group of people. My hope and prayer is that God will call many students from Moffat to engage in outreach to M*sl*ms.


Tim, Maureen, Luke & Kate


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