Pictures of Our Life in Kijabe

We hope and pray that you are well. It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here. May you enjoy your time with family and friends as we all celebrate the birth of Christ.

In our last blog we promised to post some pictures, so here they are:

IMG_3870 The view from our house is nothing short of amazing. We had heard that Kijabe was beautiful but really had no idea.

The volcano off in the distance (second photo) is Mt. Longonot. Based on a little internet research, it last erupted in the 1860s so we’re probably safe!

We are currently staying in the house (first photo) of a missionary family who are on a short home assignment. It looks like we’ll be moving in the next week or so to the house next door (second photo). The move was always part of the plan, so it did not come as a surprise. Someone jokingly told us shortly after our arrival that SIM stands for Sure I’ll Move. How true! 🙂

Playing with planes!

Luke and his friend Finn playing under our clothes dryer.

Kate bringing in the laundry.

Late afternoon play time.

We have a small but nice yard where the children can run and play.

There is a bit of a drop off but so far neither Luke nor

Kate has ventured to roll down the hill.

Luke having a good time at Pre-school.

We generally meet with our language tutor, Edward, on the back porch.

Currently Tim meets with Edward three hours a week and Maureen two.

It’s been fun but challenging.

Luke and Kate mimicking the African way of “backing” a child. Luke’s version is more accurate, while Kate’s is really dangerous. 🙂

They are both lacking the key tool, a kanga, a piece of cloth tied to the woman and supporting the child’s bottom.

O-lo-Chu! (Chinese for “Praise the Lord!”)

We gave Kate her potty and this is what she did. Hmm!

Play cooking is a favorite past time.

Skype time with family.

Our little princess – she loves to wear dresses. All ready for church!

Tim’s Birthday. Think my two helpers ate most of my birthday cupcake!

Peace and quiet! 🙂

The kids also enjoy the occasional trip (30-minute hike) up to RVA (Rift Valley Academy) to play on the playground.

These spiders are found at different places in our house, but usually we smash them as soon as we see them rather than grab a camera. 🙂 The red ants often visit Maureen during language sessions. Anyone with a fear of spiders or ants would have a serious issue here. One evening we were sitting on the couch, relaxing after having put the kids to sleep, and spiders started to come under the front door. Not just a few spiders but dozens! There are always spiders around but this was an invasion! Even Luke who used to be afraid of them now bravely kills them! 🙂

In our last newsletter we posted pictures of the various monkeys – including our own two little ones. The “wild” monkeys typically show up twice a day – morning and evening – and often end up climbing all over our house. So, sometimes between 6:30am and 7am we will be awakened by the very loud sound of monkeys climbing and jumping all over the metal roof of our house. The little monkey in the photo was spying on Tim during his morning coffee time.

The Maasai are a semi-nomadic people group located in Kenya and Tanzania. Some Maasai took part in RVA’s Multi-cultural day.

Tim has had the opportunity to visit and preach at various churches. He recently visited a Kikuyu speaking area and had a great time hanging out with the kids.

The Moffat Administration Building.

The dirt road on the way to our house . . . this short stretch is the least bumpy road in Kijabe. Just imagine what the others look and feel like. 🙂

Wish we had a small version of this to decorate for Christmas!

This is one of a few around Kijabe.

The sunset (unless it’s raining) is always breathtaking!

We hope you have enjoyed our brief photo blog. Please pray that we will have a safe move to the neighboring house. It’s been raining every day for the past week, which might interfere with our move. Having to stay inside is also beginning to drive the kids a little stir crazy. Pray for our sanity and that we can make this Christmas memorable . . . through keeping our hearts and minds on Christ.

We’d love to hear from you as well.

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Text Us: 469-205-4907 – Tim or 214-814-7844 – Maureen

Tim for Maureen, Luke & Kate


6 thoughts on “Pictures of Our Life in Kijabe

  1. Hello, Tim, Maureen, Luke and Kate! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the Kijabe and your family. I will pray for God’s intervention for smooth transition in moving to the neighboring house and more opportunities for ministries in an amazing way. We had unusual icy weather past week and even church service was closed. We had to stay in house for several days. Elderly people could not get out of house (due to ice on the road) for a week. I could only imagine the type of cabin fever you all have with young children. I am praying for sunshine for you.
    Thank you for serving.
    Mihoko Abegunde

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