We have our airplane tickets!

We’re leaving for Kenya on August 6!

Yes, we’re leaving in less than two weeks!

We’re sorry for not updating everyone earlier. Things have been somewhat hectic around our house the past two weeks with family visiting and packing. Additionally, there was some confusion regarding our expected arrival time in Kenya – we received official confirmation just this morning that all is well. Whew!

The path to get to this point has not been easy (or direct) but we trust that God is guiding us. We are humbled beyond words for the love, support, and prayers of our supporters. Thank you for sticking by us through this journey on which God has put us! We are also very grateful for friends at SIM USA (you know who you are) who have stood by our side, encouraged us, and advocated for us.

We hope to pull all the loose ends together a few days before we’re scheduled to depart . . . to allow a little time to rest and focus on family. In the past weeks we’ve been able to get together with some friends and have had family come to town for a visit. We’re so blessed to have the support of our family and friends as we seek to follow God’s will for our lives.

Please pray:

  • For time with family as we say our good-byes
  • For the packing process
  • That our work permit applications will process quickly
  • For travel mercies and a smooth transition into Kenya
  • For open hearts to ministry opportunities and for those with whom we will come into contact in Kenya
  • For additional monthly support – see www.mcalhaney.com/giving for details
  • That we will reflect Christ’s love in our words and deeds

In Christ,

Tim, Maureen, Luke & Kate


4 thoughts on “We have our airplane tickets!

  1. Hi Tim & Maureen,
    So happy to hear you are on your way. Still sad you are not coming to Nigeria for now but, as you are, trusting in God’s sovereignty for you all. We are thinking about you and will be praying for you as you make this huge transition and settle into ministry and life in Kenya. Your family picture is really nice and the kids are so cute! Love & Prayers, Miriam & Dwight

    • Miriam & Dwight,
      Thanks for the note. It is hard to believe how God changed our direction just in the past four months. We are trusting in his sovereign plan. Perhaps we’ll end up in Nigeria one day! 🙂 Tim & Maureen

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