McAlhaney Update – Happy Reformation Day!

Dear Support Family,

We hope and pray that each of you are doing well. Our prayers are especially for those of you who have been impacted by hurricane Sandy.

As our time for departure draws near we will be sending out more frequent updates through our blog and newsletters. You can always check for the most recent.

Life is still a little unsettled after selling our house in August but I suppose that is to be expected in the life of missionaries. Pray that Luke and Kate have a peace regardless of the situation. Kate seems unaffected by recent changes but at times Luke does say that he misses our house. During the month of November we will be traveling to SC for Thanksgiving and Tim will be attending a conference in Milwaukee. Pray for safety and a wonderful time with family in SC.

Recently (Oct 19-21) Maureen attended the Osler Institute in Salt Lake City. She found the review helpful as she continues to study for the Oral Surgery Board exam scheduled for late January. It’s a bit of a long story, but suffice it to say that God provided the perfect contact at Osler to make Maureen’s review more than she could have expected. Thanks to Dr. Carter for making that connection and encouraging us to follow up. God is truly amazing!

I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Reformation Day! As a historian, I love dates and October 31, 1517 is perhaps the most pivotal date in church history. On that day Martin Luther nailed his Ninety Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg and kicked off the Protestant Reformation. I’m sure he had no idea that God was about to use him to greatly impact history and the lives of so many believers. As you go about your day today, don’t be afraid to let God use you . . . our God can do amazing things with those who are willing to be used.

Please pray for:

· Luke and Kate as we adjust to life in our “temporary” housing

· Luke – he has had a “cold” and/or allergies for the past month or so.

· Kate’s baby dedication at MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church on November 18th

· Tim’s conference in Milwaukee (Nov 13-16)

· Thanksgiving trip to SC (Nov 20-28)

Support Update / Prayerfully hoping to leave Feb-March of 2013:

· We have reached about 60% of our monthly support. Thank you to the more than 20 individuals, families, and organizations who are already supporting us or have pledged a monthly gift.

· Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to give financially. We still need $1971/month to fund our upcoming work. For details and to give, see

· If you’d like to make a pledge of support to begin when we depart, please let us know by email – – so that we can more accurately assess our financial needs.

· The following additional contributions would allow us to begin work. Could you perhaps contribute in one of the following ways (tax-deductible)?

o 2 financial partners at $200/month ($2,400/year)

o 5 financial partners at $100/month ($1,200/year)

o 6 financial partners at $75/month ($900/year)

o 8 financial partners at $50/month ($600/year)

o 10 financial partners at $25/month ($300/year)

In Christ,

Tim, Maureen, Luke, & Kate


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