Wednesday: Theological Education Near Egbe (Nov 4, 2011 original post date)

Abby’s family went to Ilorin to catch their flight and since there was a special service scheduled at 1st ECWA at 4pm, I opted not to make the trip this time.  We started the day with devotions in the chapel with the nursing students, followed by breakfast, and then Jason and I got back to that tree that needed to be cut down.  We had some issues with the hardness of the wood and perhaps the chainsaw but eventually it did come down. While Jason dealt with the chainsaw, I ended up talking to a driver named Azi.  He is from Jos and somehow ended up bringing us the van that had broken down in  Abuja.  We talked about Jos and religious tension between Christians and Muslims as well as about American politics – would Obama get reelected?  Had lunch around 12:15am and left for Oyi – ECWA Theological College Oyo River or E. T. C. O. R.  Gregg and Stephen went as well since Gregg lived on the campus as a kid for about 4 years.  The campus used to be a leprosarium and his Gregg’s was a nurse and dad a preacher/evangelist.  The school has only been on the site since 1998.  The buildings are in poor condition.  Their transformer that supplies electricity for the compound blew a few years ago and they were without power for a year and a half before someone donated the funds to change the transformer.  They have recently broken ground on a new library and want to increase the size from 4 to 5 thousand to 10 thousand to be accredited to grant bachelor degrees.  Now their degrees are technically granted by JETS in Jos – like an extension campus.

The event at 1s ECWA was another service honoring the memory of Tommie Titcombe and the team.   They went all out since Rick Bradford (SIM Regional Director and elder at Philpot Memorial Church) is here on this team.  There was singing, welcomes from various individuals, a message, and a reading of a brief history of Egbe since Titcombe.  They gave us our outfits for which we had been measured, ushered us out to change into them, and then we went back in as a group. Don suggested that we dance in – well, we took three slow steps and then all turned around once.  It went over well!  Don, Gregg, and Rick all made comments in response and then we left.

Dinner and computer lab rounded out the day!


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